Saturday, May 7, 2011


look down
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Dried leaf ... I love the texture and the colour,I rise the saturation to make it more attractive and somehow the colour result is sweet! You know,in photography,editing is not a big topic to be deal of.So what if we edit the picture.To me,the more important is the message I want to send in the picture.Understand what am I trying to tell off.Second,is the angle.If you get wrong angle,no matter how great the lighting is,the scenery is,you make a mistake,you're out.Your message is not clear.Viewer couldn't understand what are you trying to tell.
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At the street

At the street
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Hanging out with father,little brother and sister bring lots of fun! n_n This is at LRT station..duuuhh~it's not easy to take cause I have do two things at once!! 1-take picture 2-quickly board into train..If I walk alone,I can wait for another train.But if walk out with family,we're like in team..We have to do things altogether :)
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Hey!This is Hantaiki Otome.I'm just a simple girl with large T-shirt and jeans.The world is easy right?Growing up as a teenager which got a lot of curiosities.I hope this blog will be my best place to share my interests with everyone.PHOTOGRAPHY,a lot of words to describe this one simple word.To me,it is an IMAGINATION.Put your creativity inside it.I look photography like an art which requires a lot of efforts and I just realised that photoraphing actually makes me appeciate every nano seconds in my life that I don't want to waste it.

Pain of Life

Hello people !
I am Puteri Bahtrysia. Before, I use this blog as my medium to share my masterpiece.After few years passed,I'm getting busier than ever.New life, new achievement.
But, still, doesn't matter,this blog is always running.It's just not up-to-date. I'm still planning what to show up here, as to replace my hobby.My past hobbies have been left behind too far. I can't tell how busy I am.It's just very busy until when I list out what to do today besides assignment and projects, it'll be eat,pray and sleep.
PAIN OF LIFE hm? I don't know what's my intention 2 years ago.I think I tried to tell how lonely my life at that time huh? Nah, till today I still feel the same.Nothing's change much, it's just I'm getting older and lazy and slow.Haha

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